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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  September 13, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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our website or you can watch it on our mobile app. >> that's our show everybody, we'll see you in our next edition of rtm. [ music no mics ] it is friday september 13th, i am heather holmes and this is bay area news at 7:00. a woman driving the vehicle suffered serious injuries. the police officer is okay. the circumstances of this crash is not clear but police say it was not a chase.
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fremont bouleva expected to shut down for at least 2 more hours. and tonight organizers are trying to ease that worry. john live in oakland where preparations are under way, john. >> >> reporter: many adults may not redundancy it but the younger generation will be here at the oracle -- this is video from the sensation s shows that was done around the world. more than 8000 people, 21 and ol dressed in white. today outside of the arena crewe taking care of the last minute design. the.
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the drug molly and ecstasy is now popular which is known among these dancers. >> it is illegal to use drugs on our event and that's what it is. don't use drugs at our party. >> statistic shows that emergency room visits of ecstasy over doses are more than 2004 than 2009. >> we are inside and i understand it was one show last year here that made some problems for the neighborhood but it was an outside scene. >> the organizers of sensation tells me there are still tickets available, tickets start at $150 a piece but i found them online for $50 office. live in oakland, john, ktvu channel 2 news
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today the new york medical examiner confirmed that the drug were from over doses. at the electric zoo dance music festival over the weekend. the man arrested in her killing was stalking her, the family figueroa ra held in the memorial service today. she worked in san jose. the man charged in her killing, oscar had children that went to the school that he had been stalking her. >> they were not friends or anything, they just saw each other around and that's basically it. >> you mentioned to me before that people thought he was stalking her, did you feel that way? >> in a way, yeah.
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>> figure ra's family is planning to travel for the funeral. police say a man fired the shot outside of the marriot hotel just after 3:00 this afternoon. the cabby was hit in the leg and is expected to survive. police locked down buildings and found the suspect while searching the area, the bart station was briefly closed. we are told that the ohio state football team is staying at the marriot as they get ready to play the bears tomorrow. as you see here only 27 days remains before the 60-day cooling off, tonight still no sign of progress. we learned today that bart may -- if the unions strike again, might meet back tonight on this latest of the plan. >> bart trains are running and
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operators are operating and a second strike is now legumesing. >> i think it should be fairly safe. >> bart management says it is now contemplating of the case of unions employee strike after the cooling off. >> we feel that we have an obligation to see whether or not it would be possible to run some type of skeletal bart service. >> part assistant general manager says some of the transit agencies 200 managers could possibly be trained to operate the the train in case of another strike. a plan unions are questioning loudly. >> it is absolutely rec irsable to train. this is seriously a problem if they're talking about doing that. >> it does no t take train operators to
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move the train, it takes technicians and mechanics that they have not yet to think about. >> i will tell you one t safety is what we are all about. >> do you feel safe? >> not if they don't know what they're doing >> it is kind of scary because i am not sure if they would know how to do it? >> this contingency plan needs to be presented, it is up to the board whether or not to give or not give the green light. in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news the opening of the new bay bridge set a new record received of a $20 million bonus for completing the caltrans on time. >> it does have the same urgency. it is really just our project by project decisions. the
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construction company got $5 million for finishing early. and time is of the essence. an update now of a story that we brought you on wednesday, the new lights at the bay bridge tunnel were too bright. caltrans is doing something to reduce the glare. the agency says it will take a few weeks of the intensity of the levels of the new lights to lower down. governor jerry brown is set to sign a bill. it includes a provision that some immigrants rights group that gives a license of a different look than those of legal residence. the bill will enable and estimated of 2 million immigrants to get to work safely and legally. california's minimum wage is
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set to increase thanks to another bill approved by the state lawmakers last night, the governor says he will sign it. it raised the minimum wage from $8 to $9. republicans call the new race a job killer. now of the wildfire that caused so much concern in and around mt. diablo. investigators say som target shooting sparked the blaze and so far no arrests have been made. as john fowler reports now of the school district at hayward. >> a mother blames durham's school offices of the security o aus
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stick child. >> her daughter kaitlin is 3, aus stick and autistic and was unable to say her own name. she gets on the book on wednesday of the first day of special needs school. after her mom call add traumatizing delay. the durham's driver did not pick her up after school. >> she was terrified getting on the bus, she did say bus hurt me, bus pinched me and bus bad. >> we got a plan to improve communication and coordination moving forward. we are in the process of reviewing contract and previous concerns. >> the district superintendent says hayward is part of the regional contract and there are fewer options.
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>> it is completely unacceptable. >> gonzales says she no longer trust the durham's school district, and she's asking people to express their outrage on our facebook page. >> if you want to know more, she has posted on our facebook page. police are telling us that two motorcycle units were hit by a vehicle at a dwi check point. now, no words yet on the extent of the any injuries or whether anyone is in custody, we have a crew near by and we'll have much more information coming up for you tonight on this 10:00 news. tonight we have an update on a story of a newark family trying to raise two children while moving from one
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hotel room to the next. their parents are force to move every three weeks through to motel rules. even though their father now has a full-time job. but, an out pouring support from ktvu's viewers could make a difference. >> there is so much positive statements in here. i wish i can print them out and hang it on my wall from the time that i felt the lowest. >> those officers of assistant and encouragement includes housing that the family may qualify for one of its programs. a big scare 41 story up, how a one time platform came lose of a busy san francisco street. sutter against siena here in napa. i got live report coming up.
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it was a scary side of the financial district this morning. fire officials say one of the lines came workers lower the line. a web service used by large companies including netflix was hit by a network outage today. it affected amazon web searches known as aws.
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it is used by start up company such as netflix. the company did not say what caused today's outage. on wall street, the dow is up by 75 points and the nasdaq added 6. its had its best week since january. now to the crisis in syria, today kerry discuss ed discussed the aspect. how to remove syria's chemical weapons. president obama says any deal me enforceable. >> it is absolutely for the international to response and not only detouring and repeated use of chemical weapons but hoping to get those chemical weapons outside of syria.
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>> unsecretary general says an a pending report of syria chemical weapons would be overwhelming. and he went -- bond was questioned before a grand jury in 2003 of whether his trainer anderson has given him performance of enhancement drug. bond's testimony was misleading. his sentence of 30 days of home confinement and 250 hours of community service had been on hold of appeal. it is friday night football. take us to napa. live now with the home team, justin siena is visiting sutter high school, actually, hosting sutter high.
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>> reporter: hi heather, beautiful football here. we got sutter of the chap chap i don't know next year champion next year. they're squaring off tonight in a non lead game. we talked to -- >> it is definitely an unknown -- they have a back that we are real concern about, number 22 and he's a good heart and tough runner. we know defensively we got our word cut out for us and offense as well. we have to work hard to move the ball around, i think. we have been told that it is about as close as texas high school football that you can get. we are the only thing in town and friday
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nights is all about high school football. it is exciting and it is fun and it keeps you motivated to work hard year in and year out to be successful. >> so far this match up between two sections champions of 7 to nothing lead for siena. in the fourth quarter that is, be sure to watch tonight as we have the highlights for this game. until ten, reporting live in justin high school, in napa. back to you. it is going to be a nice evening, there? >> very nice of the next few hours of that football game. some changes though, we are talking about a temperatures slide for both saturday and sunday. it is not going to be cold out there unless you are right at the immediate cold line. 64 degrees in san francisco and a lot of 80s
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for the high this afternoon. and antioch topped at 92 disease and on the maps right now there is the fog already at the coastline did not move too much fro immediate shoreline. the clouds will continue to increase, this was a time lapse for the 2:00 hour earlier today, you see the clear skies up above. evidence of the coastal fog, the marine is going deenen in the next 24 hours and that'll help cool off most of the bay areas. we are watching the weather system offshore, it is going to approach our coastline over the next few days. this weekend is sun cloud mix and after that a morning drizzles. sunday, will be the coolest day of the week as this system basically approaches our coastline for sunday and even into monday of next week. here is our forecast model
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showing you, once again we could have some wet road ways because of the drizzles and right around the bay. clouds back to the shoreline. and the 4:00 hours, we are expecting -- temperatures mainly in the upper 60s as you can see at the stadium. temperatures tomorrow, about the same as to, it can be a little cooler in a few spots. santa rosa, in the upper 70s. warmest location inland mid to s that's out towards morgan hills and gilroy. still some patchy fog right near the immediate coastline. the over all trend it is a cooling trend for both saturday and sunday. the weekend is always in view on saturday. on sunday, we are basically going to cool things off once again, and once again, warmest location will be upper 70s to arou degrees.
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at least four people confirmed dead in colorado. the body of a missing woman was recovered in boulder today. one of several cut-off by flood waters and thousands of people have been evacuated and the boulder county of the surrounding area have received 15 inch of rain and with more in the forecast. the research that earned this year's noble award. plus, it is a late hit that had 49ers crime crying. and $317 million jackpot up for grabs of the upcoming powerball drawings. now, with the big question, what would you do with all that cash.
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the nfl has fined a green packerses of this late hit. it set off a scuffle between the two teams along the sidelines.orgers called it a
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cheap 1409 and mathew defended himself saying he's not a sturdy player. so help us show them who has the best van in the west by sharing our special 49ers. united airlines say it plans to honor ticks bought online for a steal. the airlines mistakenly offered the ticks for free on the website yesterday, words spread quickly and the customers paying as little as $5 or $10 of security fee. today united tweeted that it has reviewed the situation and decide that had the fair will stand. another big powerball jackpot, it is now grown to $317 million. here in the bay area and cash registers and ticket machines were humming today as people took a big chance of the winning. we asked people what they would do
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if they won all that money. >> unbelievable. >> if the lord bless me with this ticket, i hope i can help the church or the people that helped me over the year and help my family and pay off bill and be able to retire and be able to help other people. >> the powerball's drawing takes place tomorrow night. tonight award are offering some strange but true scientific research. this year's award includes a joint prize of biology or as stron thisology -- thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we'll see you next
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time for news break, heather holmes. we are always here for you at, tmz is up next here on tv 36.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> crazy video of nicole kidman getting creamed by a paparazzo on a bicycle. >> usually when we say creamed on our site, it's usually about a porno. >> james tutera, the host of "my fair wedding." and his partner of 10 years are splitting up. they're splitting up and they had twins. >> they wanted to have babies so what they did was -- two guys, one cup. >> selma blair is in an intense battle with charlie sheen and the people who make "anger management" over them firing her. it seems like she has a legitimate lawsuit on her hands.


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